AboutAndorra Credit Repair

In April of 2003 while working as a loan officer, Stephanie Black, president and founder of Andorra Credit Repair, began helping fellow loan officers improve their credit scores by disputing erroneous, inaccurate and unverifiable information directly with the credit bureaus to improve their FICO scores.

Seeing Positive Results!

Seeing the positive results that Stephanie achieved, the loan officers began referring their clients to her so they could help their clients with their dream of owning a home. Stephanie realized there was a need for this type of service, and since then, Andorra has grown to offer a variety of services acting as an advocate in the credit industry.


Why Choose Us?

Andorra is an ethical, honest, high-quality firm with exceptional customer service. Andorra employs proven, trained, professional credit experts. Our local offices provide customer support to both our clients and our loan officers.

We have recognized the need for services to repair credit report errors for individuals of all income levels. Whether it is disputing information with the credit bureaus; offering credit education; interfacing with creditors to achieve some relief on debt or becoming your advocate with those not so friendly creditors – Andorra is here to help.

Looking for an Expert Financial Consultant?

Our company strives to work with our clients through many different outlets to help them improve their credit scores. Through our services, many of our clients go on to having perfect credit and are able to make better financial decisions.