Removing “In Dispute” verbiage from Experian


PO Box 2002
Allen, TX  75013
(888) 397-3742

Things you will need to remove “in dispute”:

  • Experian credit report with 10 digit report number (your credit specialist at Andorra Credit Repair may be able to provide you with this)
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN#
  • Name and account # for the accounts reporting the “in dispute”

If you DO NOT have an Experian credit report with a 10 digit report number:

Removing “in dispute” Procedure:

  1. Call the number listed above and ignore their options and press 0
  2. Ignore their options – Press 0
  3. Press 0
  4. Enter 10 digit report number (your credit specialist will supply you with this # or you will need to follow the directions above to order your Experian credit report)
  5. Enter last 4 digits of SSN number when prompted
  6. When they ask if you want to check dispute status or dispute information –  Press 0
  7. Press 0
  8. You will be connected to an operator
  9. Once you are connected to an operator you will want to ask them to “remove the dispute verbiage” from whichever accounts you are calling about and provide them with the account names and account numbers.

10.  They will then ask you if you agree with the way that the account is currently reporting and you will answer YES.

11.  They will then remove the “in dispute verbiage” within about 72 hours and email you when that is completed if you provide them your email address.

Experian also has the ability to see any accounts that are showing “in dispute” and can help you with that so just ask them if there are any others.

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